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  • MEASURE engagement trends and effectiveness
  • IMPROVE family trust and communication
  • CREATE beautiful TV signage & prints for your community

With Sagely you have access to a powerful suite of automation, tracking, and engagement tools designed to make your life easier.

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We know how frustrating it is to be stuck between admin tasks and quality engagement with elders. Sagely has helped over 400 engagement directors get their time back.

“I love being able to take pictures and automatically send them to the families. I also love being able to track the residents’ attendance and make quick changes to the calendars.” Mallorie Collyer

Regional Director of Engagement & Training, Arbor Company

Don’t let administrative tasks rob you of your time.

Without getting the support you need, it’s far too easy to become overworked as an engagement director. Hiring an assistant isn’t always possible. Elders won’t get the quality engagement they deserve with your time stretched too thin.

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