Our Mission

Sagely is a digital health company keeping kupuna happy,
healthy, connected, and independent.

We are a group of self-proclaimed superheroes on a mission to improve the quality of life for our elders. The aging process is not kind. Our elders are left feeling like burdens to our society–alienated, lonely, and not validated. This, combined with the natural physical decline (and contributing to accelerating it), is a deadly combo. We want to change the dialogue. We want to see every elder live their life fully, and with dignity, to their last day. We want to see them connected (with family, friends, and their spirituality), cherished and validated (the word kupuna really captures the essence of the earned privilege of aging).

We know those are ambitious goals. However, not only do we believe they are achievable, we believe any step we make toward these goals makes every step of our journey worth taking. We are united with an army of amazing engagement directors and various care partners in the world who share our passion, love, and care for our elders. Not only do we salute your heroic efforts but we are committed to doing all we can to promote, validate, and augment the wonderful contributions you make to the lives of our parents every day.

Our journey started with a focus on offering innovative tools that enable engagement directors to promote elders’ engagement in daily activities, send updates to their families, and allow for important data collection aimed to provide care partners with ways of measuring elders’ well-being.

Now, we also assist in providing an elder-centric solution focused on understanding the elders’ individual journeys, connecting them directly with their family, and providing a human element to our solution (Alakaʻi) to better address our elder’s unmet psychosocial needs. Our platform aggregates these various data elements to provide elders, their families, and care partners insights into how their loved ones are doing, how to promote social engagement, and improve their well-being.

Our goal is to keep our kupuna

Happy – We seek to enable our kupuna to have the most fulfilling and joyful lives possible.

Healthy – We seek to maximize our kupunas’ physical, mental, and social well-being.

Connected – We seek to bring together our kupuna with their family, friends, care partners, and community so they can continue to play their important part in society, stay grounded in their spirituality, and be properly cared for.

Independent – We seek to empower our kupuna to make their own life choices, satisfy their own needs, and express as much of their own free will as possible.

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