We support you, you support our elders.

Everything you need to stay organized, promote engagement, and efficiently communicate with elders, families, and care teams lives in a single location.

The Human Element

Build trust with elders, families, and decision-makers by offering responsive, personalized information.

Powerfully Productive Tools

Set yourself up for success with automated tools for collaboration, communication, and organization.

Self-Service Satisfaction

Enjoy on-demand, easy-to-use software with quick access to all the tools you need when you need it. No complicated maintenance.



  • Create beautiful, professional calendars on-demand with no deadlines or late fees. You create it when you want to.
  • Easily add recurring events by using the repeat event option saving you time and effort every month.
  • Highlight activities that provide opportunities for each resident to be more engaged.

Sagely Prints


  • Keep families, elders, and your community connected and informed with community news, photos, and the stories that matter the most.
  • Create keepsakes for your elders by showcasing pages of beautiful pictures of elders, families, team members, and activities.
  • Print through your favorite print vendor when you want without arbitrary deadlines.

TV Signage


  • Stream activity calendars, special events, announcements, photos, birthdays, menus, and more.
  • Promote your activities and engagement by creating beautiful slideshows through a simple interface.
  • Encourage families to join events with their loved ones by displaying the events on slideshows throughout the community.

The Sagely App


  • Use quick touch options to easily measure resident engagement and participation and share photos with family members.
  • Connect with your elders by viewing their Kupuna Journey and learning about their story and interests.
  • With information at your fingertips, proactively work toward quality of life goals together with your elders.

make Data driven decisions

Insights into Your Community

  • Optimize activity programs with community-wide metrics.
  • Enhance family meetings with resident-specific data at your fingertips.
  • Identify trends over time to keep track of how your elders are doing.
“On Sagely, we can pull the statistics necessary for us to identify our areas of concern to bring delightful surprises and meaningful moments to residents who may not be engaged in traditional programs.

Without the Sagely reporting system, we may not have discovered where we need to shine more brightly for our community.  They are definitely our partners in excellence.” Meghan Lowry

Engagement Director, Peachtree City, The Arbor Company

assistance for care partners

The Sagely Guides are here to assist you in getting started.

Go ahead, take it for a spin.

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