We support you, you support our elders.

Sagely's suite of automated tools assist engagement programs in senior living communities by saving time, increasing meaningful connections, and by providing insights.
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We believe every elder deserves to live a life of purpose, passion, and more importantly––the way they want. Our aim is to assist our elders––together with their care partners and families––to navigate the journey of growing older. We are all on a journey, let’s experience it together.

You’re a Superhuman Engagement Director

Even superhumans need assistants—and that’s why we are here for you. Our easy-to-use software saves you time creating calendars, newsletters, and TV signage;  giving you more time with the people you care about the most—your elders.

Powerful Metrics at Your Fingertips

With quick-touch attendance, real-time information sharing with family members, and dashboards/trend data, experience peace-of-mind when you are empowered to make the best decisions for programs in your community.

More Time on What
Matters Most

We know you need to juggle meaningful engagement, fun activities, and tight budgets. The life of an Engagement Director can be filled with challenges and conflicting demands. And that is why we are here for you.

What is Your Passion?

What matters most to you? Sagely believes purpose and passion are at the core of every journey. We want to assist you and your care team in discovering what makes yours meaningful to you.

Embrace Total Well-Being Support

You are a cherished elder that is valued by society, your friends, and family but the different aspects of our lives tend to be isolated from each other. Sagely can be the bridge which connects all those who travel together with you on your journey.

Independence Meets Connection

Simple communication with your care team and family members means more choices for you. The freedom to choose how you spend your time and energy is yours again.

A Shared Purpose

Together, we strive to keep elders happy, healthy, connected, and independent. All of our products and services assist your loved one to do what matters most to them.

Straightforward Connections

Being involved in the life of your loved one shouldn’t be a challenge. We know your time is stretched thin as it is, so our tools are designed to assist you to easily and quickly stay connected with your loved one and their care team.

Real-time Notifications

We know you can’t be with your loved one as much as you'd like. With Sagely you can stay in the loop about your loved one’s feelings and activities with real-time notifications and photos. Imagine the conversations you’ll have with your loved one with an in-depth understanding of their day-to-day life.

Happy elders are
the bottom line

See how transforming your
activity programs can assist you
in improving elder well-being


Create beautiful, professional, and on-demand calendars with no deadlines or late fees.
Add recurring events by using the repeat event option reduces the time it takes to create your calendars;
allowing you more time to spend with your elders.


TV Signage

Stream activity calendars, special events, announcements,
photos, birthdays, menus and more. Promote your activities
and resident engagement by creating beautiful slideshows.

Sagely Prints

Sagely Prints keep your community up-to-date with news, photo collages,
and stories that matter. There are no deadlines so you can create and print an
unlimited number of prints at any time.

Community App

Care partners can take attendance of elders at activities and record levels of engagement.
Share photos with family members and quickly identify residents with no attendance.

Family App

Keep families involved in the life of their loved one with real-time updates, photos,
community calendars, and more. Create trust and improve communication
between the community and families.


Sagely’s reporting capabilities empower your decision-making through data analytics.
Resident-specific and community-wide insights help you
identify trends and improve activity plans.

Sagely’s reporting capabilities empower your decision making through data analytics. Elder-specific and community-wide insights help you identify trends and improve activity plans.

A few members
of our Sagely family


“I love being able to take pictures and automatically send them to the families. I also love being able to track the residents’ attendance and make quick changes to the calendars.”
Mallorie Collyer

Regional Director of Engagement & Training

Learn how the Sagely suite of automation, tracking, and engagement tools can
make your life easier and empower elders and their families for a healthier, happier aging journey.

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