Beautiful, professional, and on-demand

  • Create printable activity calendars that look great out-of-the-box
  • Highly customizable yet simple to make
  • Print through your favorite print vendor without arbitrary deadlines
Activity calendar for senior living communities
Sagely TV digital signage solution promotes resident activity and engagement


Create, display, and communicate

  • Stream activity calendars, announcements, photos, birthdays, menus, and more to multiple TVs
  • Easily create slideshows through a simple interface
  • Promote resident activity and engagement by highlighting special events


Updates for the whole community

  • An ideal way of keeping not just your residents and community up-to-date, but their loved ones as well
  • Quickly create content with an intuitive design interface
  • Print through your favorite print vendor without arbitrary deadlines
Newsletters promote community, family and resident engagement
Community app for mobile promotes and quantifies resident activity

Community App

Collect and analyze resident activity

  • Measure resident engagement and participation with a tap
  • Quickly identify residents with no attendance
  • Share photos of activities and events with residents' family members

Family App

Keep loved ones informed and engaged

  • Receive real-time notifications of resident activity and participation
  • Keep residents' family members up to date on community activity calendars
  • Share photos with family members from community events
Family app for mobile promotes family engagement
Reports enable in-depth analyses of resident activity and engagement


Understand your community

  • Generate reports around what matters—your residents
  • Empower your decision-making through data analytics
  • Gain resident specific or community-wide insight and identify trends